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ASAP Investigations specializes in all types of surveillance and take pride in offering the most professional service As Soon As Possible.

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Workplace injuries can be genuine and unavoidable. But unfortunately due to the workers compensation legislation.

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Not only are our Operatives fully qualified to perform debt collection duties, but understand that they are representing professional companiesand dress and act accordingly.Read More

Your Questions

Why choose ASAP Investigations?

We take pride in offering a professional and efficient service to our clients As Soon As Possible. Our Investigators are up to date with the latest technology and operate with the best professional equipment to get the job done at the highest standard possible.

How does the process work if I wanted a partner followed?

The initial discussion will be made over the phone or by email. After this we will ideally arrange to meet in person to discuss a plan of action. We will then gain the information from you including description, daily routine, contact details and any information relevant to the investigation. We understand that every case is different and tailor a plan to suit your needs. We will then have an experienced investigator begin surveillance ASAP or at the date and time requested by you. You will be kept up to date throughout the investigation where you can make informed decisions depending on the situation. We will then compile all video and photographic evidence together and provide you with a written report. We do not use a template and every investigation report is written pesonally.

Will my partner know they are being investigated?

Our experienced agents have been highly trained to perform surveillance and blend into a range of different environments making his presence unknown. We understand that if your partner became aware he was investigated, the effect it would cause at home. This is why we go above and beyond to maintain discretion, privacy, confidentiality and professionalism to greatly minimize the risk of this ever happening.

How long does a skip trace usually take?

Skip traces can take up 8 weeks in some cases to find positive results. A 50% deposit will be required for a search to begin and in the odd case that we are unable to locate the subject the deposit will be refunded to your allocated account unless you require a non-locate report. The rest of the payment will need to be made before the final report is returned.

Trustworthy Private Investigators


When it comes to private investigations, nothing counts more than trust and discretion. At ASAP Investigations, we understand what privacy means to you. That is why we will keep the circle small and unravel the truth using the same impeccable techniques that we have always had.

Why Hire Our Team?

Perhaps you need help with insurance investigations. Probably, your life partner is being unfaithful and you wouldn’t want to act on mere suspicions. These are delicate issues you will only be comfortable discussing with someone who will not only understand but also find a resounding solution. You have our team of experienced private investigators. We specialize in the use of advanced surveillance techniques. With our capable and highly experienced team of experts, you can be certain of worthy results. Every surveillance detail is important to us and we will not put to rest our investigations until we unravel the truth.

Free preliminary discussions

Getting in touch with us has never been difficult and will never be. Our clients have the options of contacting us over the phone or scheduling private meetings at convenient venues. Simply get in touch with us within the slightest convenience and we will help you out with professional surveillance services. You do not have to worry about the consultation fees because all our preliminary discussions are free. You only pay for what you get.

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